Dr Chris McCready

Mako Robotic Surgery

Dr McCready is one of the few qualified Mako robotic surgeons in South Africa. He performed the first Mako Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement surgery in Africa in August 2019.

Mako robotic surgery is cutting edge technology that helps improve surgical outcomes for specific orthopaedic procedures such as robotic hip replacement and knee replacement surgery. By ensuring more accurate placement of the prosthetic components, and reducing damage to the surrounding muscles and ligaments, most patients are experiencing less post-operative pain, and a quicker return to function. Due to better component positioning, the replaced joint may also feel more "natural".

A pre-operative CT scan is assessed to determine the optimal size and placement of the prosthesis for each individual patient. This is planned before surgery, and the Mako robotic-arm assists in implementing that plan during the surgery. Micro-adjustments to the surgical plan can be made during the Mako robotic-assisted surgery if required.

Mako robotic-assisted surgery is currently available for hip, knee, and partial knee replacements. The majority of patients who need hip, knee or partial knee replacement will qualify for Mako surgical procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mako Robotic Surgery covered by Medical Aid?

Unfortunately, each medical aid and medical plan has different levels of cover. If you are considering Mako Robotic Surgery, you will be informed prior to surgery of any required co-payments.

Does the Mako Robotic-arm perform the surgery?

No, the robotic arm doesn't perform hip or knee replacement surgery, nor can it make decisions on its own or move without the surgeon guiding it. The Mako-robotic arm does, however, ensure that partial or total knee replacement surgery is more accurate than ever before.

How long has the Mako procedure been available?

The first Mako procedure was a partial knee replacement surgery performed in June 2006. The first hip replacement surgery was performed in 2010.

Which procedures is the Mako Robotic-arm used for?

Currently, the Mako Robotic arm is used for hip, knee and partial knee replacements.


Dr Chris McCready is an Orthopaedic Surgeon who prides himself on his ongoing search for new and innovative ways to ensure the best possible outcome for his patients.

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